Wichita Falls Photographer offers in-home Newborn Photography | Lawton, Oklahoma

Wichita Falls Newborn Photographer

After documenting their birth story at the Wichita Falls Birth Center, I met this sweet family at their beautiful home in Lawton, Oklahoma to capture sweet moments of bonding with their sweet newborn baby.

newborn baby feet during newborn lifestyle photo session in lawton Oklahoma

I love newborn lifestyle photography because I get to capture the intimacy of the newborn stage in the comfort of their own home. From sweet feedings, family bonding, and even the family pet trying to get some love, newborn lifestyle photography tells such a beautiful story and has a way of capturing the most beautiful moments of the most chaotic stage of life.

mother stands by window holding newborn and smiling

newborn photography with green swaddle

swaddled newborn lays on parents bed as parents smile lovingly at baby

sleeping newborn on gray blanket

black and white image of sleeping newborn snuggles on mother and father

parents admire sleeping newborn after nursing

newborn baby snuggles with mother after nursing

newborn baby snuggles mother and holds father's finger

smiling mother and father hold newborn baby on family bed

photograph of pet dog sniffing newborn baby held by dad

photograph of husband, wife, newborn baby, and dog all on the family bed

What to expect during your Newborn Lifestyle Photograph Session...

One reason I loved this session so much was that mom had decorated their home beautifully, and this sweet boy was about the calmest baby I've ever met. I don't think he cried once during the session! But the truth is, most newborn sessions have a little more chaos behind the scenes, and that's okay!

I plan for the chaos! We will book your session for a 90 minute slot to give plenty of time for your baby to fuss, older children to be wild, and for all the things in life to go sideways. The reality is, life with a newborn is stressful, but your photo session shouldn't be. I will work with you ahead of time to plan the right outfits, and during the session we will just have fun. The beauty of a newborn lifestyle photo session is everything doesn't have to be perfect. Even your home doesn't have to be perfectly cleaned or decorated. All we need is one or two well lit rooms with all the clutter shoved to the opposite side. As a mother of four, I completely understand that your house probably won't be perfect, your baby will cry and want to eat, and your toddlers will choose the worst possible moment for a tantrum. As a photographer, I am eager to capture all of these REAL & RAW moments, and show you how beautiful real life is! What feels like chaos to you in the moment is actually jam packed with the sweetest moments of love and laughter that can be missed.

If your in Wichita Falls, Texas and looking for a newborn photographer, I would be honored to help you celebrate your growing family! Since moving to Wichita Falls, this is the first in-home newborn photography session I've captured. Now that we're settled in to this new home in Texas, I'm so excited to let you know that I will be offering more Newborn Lifestyle sessions! If you're interested in booking a session, contact me now!


Wichita Falls Newborn Photographer Jaimie Zaki

Jaimie Zaki is a mother of four, Birth Doula, IBCLC, and Motherhood Photographer living in Wichita Falls, Texas. Jaimie loves to document your pregnancy, birth story, and special moments of motherhood. Jaimie offers in home newborn photography, breastfeeding photography, and is happy to discuss any other motherhood photo sessions you have in mind. Jaimie also offers limited outdoor family photography sessions. Book your maternity, birth, or newborn photography session with Jaimie today! Jaimie serves families within an hour of Wichita Falls, Texas.