Wichita Falls Birth Center Birth Story | September 2021

Wichita Falls Birth Center Birth Photographer

In September, I finally had the honor of capturing a beautiful birth story at the Wichita Falls Birth Center! This was my first time photographing and video-ing a birth in a birth center. I have attended hospital births and home births in the past, but never a birth center, so this birth is special to me as a "first"! Meeting the midwife, Lenora, and birth assistants was a special privilege. It was so beautiful to see how they give their Mamas space to labor without intrusion. As a birth photographer and doula, it's always a fine line to dance being present to document and also giving Mom and Dad the space they need. I often find myself blending the role of doula and photographer, offering positional suggestions and motivational words. This particular birth was a marathon and Mama was impressively strong as she battled exhaustion and the unknown, new sensations of birth, alongside the emotional rollercoaster birth can bring. It was an absolute honor to witness and support this family as they welcomed their special Little Bear. The love shared between mom and dad was something so special that you don't see at every birth. Dads/husbands tend to be supportive and tender, but some couples just have this connection that is inspiring on another level, and that's what I admired as I witnessed this family's miracle.

Husband supports wife through early labor contractions at birth center in texas

Unmedicated Birth in Wichita Falls, Texas

Documenting unmedicated births are always especially "fun" for me. All birth is beautiful, let's get that straight right now. But as a photographer, the constant changing of positions, locations, and other experiences that come with unmedicated births is really something special to capture. If you're hoping to have an unmedicated birth in Wichita Falls, Texas and considering utilizing the birth center, I would encourage you to meet with the midwives as soon as possible! I won't lie, I'm partial to home birth for myself, but here in Wichita Falls, finding a home birth midwife can be very challenging. There is a critical lack of out of hospital midwives, limiting the options that are available. Thankfully, though, the birth center offers a home-like environment and is a solid option if you're seeking an out of hospital birth in Wichita Falls.

Mother uses peanut ball during labor at Wichita Falls birth center

midwife and birth assistant perform spinning babies exercises to support mother during labor at Wichita Falls birth center

husband supports wife during contractions at Wichita Falls birth center

Husband and Mother support woman during contractions outside of the Wichita Falls birth center