Why Motherhood Photography? Jaimie Zaki Wichita Falls Maternity, Birth, Newborn Photographer

Hey Mamas! I'm Jaimie Zaki, the OG Mama Bear at Little Bear Services, LLC. I'm an Air Force wife, Mama Bear, Doula, Lactation Consultant, and of course, Motherhood Photographer, specializing in Birth Stories. We've lived all over the US. I grew up in Maryland, moved to Colorado to be with my then-fiance, we married and moved to South Carolina, then New Jersey, and are now headed back west and south to Wichita Falls, Texas. And I couldn't be more thrilled. Let's just say while Jersey was cooler than I anticipated, it is not the place for us, and we're excited to start a new chapter! As a lactation consultant and doula, I often get asked how photography ties in and why on earth I "do that too".

Wichita Falls Birth Photographer Newborn Photographer Maternity Photographer
Jaimie Zaki, Motherhood Photographer, Little Bear Services LLC

Well let me tell you a little about how and why I became a birth and motherhood storyteller! In 2015 I gave birth to my first son, and had one heck of a challenging experience. I had a traumatic birth and very difficult postpartum, with very little support from my medical teams. As a nurse, I was appalled to realize how the system I was a part of was actually letting so many people down. So I decided to switch gears and use my professional and personal background to thrust myself into providing personalized maternal support. Through the experience of learning to provided skilled support to new mothers, I also learned the healing power of photography.... Let me explain. I've always been "into photography". From being on the Yearbook Staff in high school, to dabbling in my free time, I always loved that I could capture God's creation - whether it was a scenic mountain view or an athlete's talent. But to be honest, there was never much depth or meaning for me. Just "look at that cool shot!" After my traumatic birth in 2015 I wished I had documented my pregnancy and birth and the early newborn stage better. Instead of having images to look back on and OWN my story, see the real, the raw, the hard, and the beautiful, all I had was harsh memories that clouded the good ones. When I had my healing birth in 2017, that changed. I made sure to have a professional birth photographer document my birth story, and I made sure to take plenty of pictures of my family through the early newborn stage. It felt like I was celebrating, not just suffering, despite still having unique challenges.

Wichita Falls Maternity Portraits
Maternity Self-Portrait, Baby #3, 2019

By the time the third baby came around, I did the whole shebang.... maternity photos, birth photos, newborn photos.... and being able to look back on all of those images is so powerful for me and my family. In fact, I'm about to give birth to baby number four, and because we're mid-move I've totally dropped the ball on photography. No maternity photos, going to hope my husband can handle my camera for birth photos, and I'll be doing my own newborn photos. And to be completely honest, as much as the photos themselves matter, the lack of professional back up makes it more stressful to me. I know the power of a perfectly composed photo, that captures a moment of genuine love and connection. That's hard to capture for yourself.

Home Birth Photography Wichita Falls Birth photographer
Image from my home-birth, credit: Samantha Schneggenberger

Okay, enough babbling about how powerful photography has been in my life, I want to talk to you about why, as an IBCLC and Doula, I also offer Motherhood Stories.

Your story deserves to be told. Your story is beautiful. Messy? Maybe. A roller coaster? Probably. Dramatic? In some ways, I'm sure. Worthy? Absolutely.

Motherhood is hard at every stage, but it builds us. It is God's calling for us, and we answer it, both when its hard and when it's beautiful. But let's be honest, it's easy to get sucked into the "hard" and ignore the "beautiful". Now is your time to take back your story, see yourself through God's eyes, through other's eyes, as the strong, beautiful woman you are, who is the perfect Mama for her Little Bear. That's why I "do it all" as some people say. Because you deserve it all.

Enough about why motherhood photography is important to me... why is it important to YOU to tell your motherhood story? Drop a comment below!


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