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Updated: Jul 26, 2018

I booked my first portfolio #birthphotography client for July. I was so excited, but nervous I'd miss the birth as this particular #MamaBear had a history of precipitous labor. When the call came on #FridaytheThirteenth (the day we both agreed would be ideal for both of us, funny enough) that baby was on her way, I was amazed at this kid's timing. I scrambled around at some midnight hour to get to the hospital in Hopewell in time... but my concerns about missing the birth came true when maybe 20 minutes later I got a text from dad, "baby is here".

So I didn't get to document Torry's birth story, but I did get to meet her about a week later and capture some sweet snuggles and memories of her with her loving family.

This #NewbornLifestyle Session was so fun! I always love these kinds of sessions. I get to see families at their REALEST. Those first few weeks with a new baby are so insane and emotional! So full of love and chaos all at the same time. It's inevitable that one or both parents ends up apologizing for something... but listen, folks. First of all, I get it. I have two boys of my own. My "other hat" is supporting families prenatally and postpartum. I see up and downs. I see families at their most raw moments. There is almost nothing your family could do that would shock me. Second of all, I LOVE the energy! I love the wild siblings. I love the array of emotions. I love the real life. This is why I am here with you today... I'm capturing the absolute BEAUTY that lies beneath all that chaos.

When we're overwhelmed with excited, hungry, or moody kids, it's easy to forget how beautiful these moments are. It's especially easy to forget how much love is pouring out of the walls of your home, even when kids are fighting for attention and you're trying to keep your composure.

But look. Just look at these photographs of the sweet Gise family. Do you see anything other than pure love?

These are the moments that make life worth living, folks. These are the moments we want to remember when life gets hard. These are the photographs we want to dust off when we're 83 and our memory is fading.

Welcome to the world, sweet baby Torry.

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