Welcome Home Baby | A COVID-19 Birth Story | Photo & Video | Pennsylvania Family Photography

Updated: Aug 13, 2020

If you are pregnant right now, you know that COVID-19 has had a special way of ruining most of your plans surrounding your baby's entrance to this world. From cancelled baby showers to limited support people during labor, you've had to make sacrifices. But your birth is still beautiful and your baby deserves to be celebrated. When Angela's out of hospital birth turned into a medical induction at the hospital, her plans for birth photography went out the window. But we were not about to let this wrench ruin the celebration. As we've all had to do over and over, we pivoted. Angela's birth story became a homecoming story.... Introducing three big sisters to their new little bear. Angela and Andrew managed to keep the baby's gender a secret from their family until they came home and it made for the SWEETEST moment as you can see in this video: