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Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Laboring mother lays in a side lying position while gripping bed rail but allows her to rest between contractions during her natural birth at Virtua Vorhees Hospital in New Jersey
Trisha labors fiercely in a sidling position that allows her to rest between contractions

I had the privilege of meeting Trisha and Kevin very early in their pregnancy. During our initial Doula Consult, we definitely clicked and I fell in love with their quirkiness. Trisha has a certain "free spirit" vibe that sucks you right into falling in love with her. This couple LOVES adventure. They went on a spontaneous trip to ICELAND just a couple months before honeymooning in AFRICA. So it was no surprise when Trisha told me her sole reason for considering an unmedicated childbirth was pure curiosity. Nothing more, nothing less. Curiosity. Plain and simple. Fastforward to our first prenatal visit... I went to Trisha and Kevin's home to teach them all about breastfeeding. They were so prepared and engaged. I told Trisha how blessed she is to have such a supportive husband. We laughed, we learned, and then we planned our next prenatal visit: Birth Preferences. Just a week before our next appointment, Trisha hit 36 weeks. Now if you've looked around my site any, you know I go on call at 38 weeks, but if your baby comes sooner, I make every attempt to be there... So the day Trisha hit 36 weeks, I woke up in Maryland, vacationing at the Chesapeake. I arrived home in New Jersey that afternoon, the same time I got a text, "My water broke..." Woah. Game time. We haven't even gotten a chance to learn about all her labor options, let alone create any kind of "birth plan". I was debating whether or not I should head to the hospital early so we could go over all that fun stuff, or stay home and rest. Ultimately, I decided to head on over. Something was pulling me to get there ASAP. I arrived at Virtua Vorhees around 6pm on Sunday evening.

Laboring mother walks halls of hospital
Walking the halls to move that baby down!

After talking to Trisha's midwife a couple times, we realized the "plans" would change quite a bit. Trisha was thrown a pretty huge curveball, but I was confident this one of a kind Mama Bear would handle this situation with an unrivaled strength and I was right! I have never witnessed a woman be such a strong self advocate. Even though this sweet baby bear decided to make her arrival a full month early, Trisha decided she would be calling the shots on this experience. She wanted to avoid augmentation if possible, so we got to work fast. We walked, we lunged, we bounced, we swayed, we laughed, we relaxed, we ate, we drank (tea!), and soon this mama who chatting through contractions started breathing through contractions.

Laboring mother sits on birth ball as she rocks through contractions, taking breaks to eat a nutritious snack during labor while her husband provides hip squeezes
Trisha keeps up her energy by eating between contractions, while swaying on her birth ball, as Kevin provides hip squeezes and counter pressure.

Then, as she bounced on her birth ball, Trisha says, "Hey, Jaimie... do you remember when you told me you could do something to help my back if I needed...." I looked at her and said... "you need it? " And she turned inward to breathe through one of her strongest contractions yet. I immediately started counter pressure and hip squeezes. This was getting real. Before we knew it, Kevin was supporting her belly with a wrap from behind, while I was holding her up from the front. Then we switched. And this was the story for the next few hours. From the bathroom to the bed, standing, side lying, hands and knees, in the shower, on the toilet, Trisha did ALL THE THINGS. She worked hard. She got some rest. Then she worked harder.

Trisha Labors in various positions with Kevin by her side every moment

When Trisha's favorite Midwife, Karen, came on shift Monday morning, there was an obvious shift in the atmosphere. Trisha felt safer than ever, she stopped fighting it, and succumbed to the power building inside her. Trisha labored down with the best L&D nurse, most amazing midwife, and most supportive, loving husband by her side.

Collage of the moment a laboring mother and her husband met their firstborn daughter. Mother pushes baby out using tug of war method as midwife sits on the end of the bed and catches the baby. Baby is placed skin to skin and the baby's father cries from joy and awe.
Trisha and Kevin finally meet their baby girl!

She roared her baby into this world at 1:44 PM, just 24 hours after her water unexpectedly broke. She advocated for herself. She advocated for her baby. She trusted her body. She trusted her instinct. She trusted her knowledge. And she ROCKED. HER. BIRTH. This mama took home a healthy 36 week baby just 2 days later. I was so honored to be by her side during this experience. Watching her transform into a full fledged #MamaBear was an absolute privilege. Welcome to the world, sweet baby. And welcome to the club, sweet mama.

Collage of Third Stage Labor photos including a sky view shot of the placenta inside the amniotic sac, dad cutting the umbilical cord, and mom snuggling her baby girl skin to skin after her unmedicated hospital birth in New Jersey
Golden hour things.... Placenta, Cord Cutting, Skin to Skin, Weight (6lb 3oz!!)

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