Top 3 Reasons Dads say, "Just hire the birth photographer"

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Birth photography is a rapidly growing industry and it's no secret that a lot of people are still very shocked and maybe even put off by birth photography. One common trend I seem to find, though, is that a lot of moms really want a birth photographer, but are hesitant because their partner is not on board. For Dads-to-be, birth photography is often not at the top of the "to-do" list. And understandably so. My own husband was hesitant to hire a birth photographer when I mentioned the idea. His reasons were a little more "practical".

My husband praying with me through contractions. Credit: Samantha Schneggenburger, Boundless Birth Services, Virginia, USA

He said that it seemed so "extra" and that it wasn't an "investment" but just an extra place to waste money on photos that would probably be annoying (he HATES having his photo taken and has a massive disdain for photography in general). He ultimately decided he should default to me for the final decision because, after all, it was my "healing birth experience" and if that's part of what I "needed" then he obliged. But what do husbands of non-birthworkers think about photography?

Matthew from Medford, New Jersey shared that when his wife hired a birth photographer, it seemed "unnecessary, intrusive, [and] weird". He went on to share that he really wasn't a fan of the cost (notice a trend here?) or having an extra person in the room.

I think most fathers can relate to Matthew's concerns. After all, the birth of your child is an intimate experience... why do you need someone else intruding in your space, with a camera no less? For starters, most births are full of strangers and unnecessary interruptions... so having a professional birth photographer who knows how to conduct themselves in a birth space shouldn't be any more of an intrusion than any other nurses, doctors, and random hospital staff. Your birth photographer will make an effort to get to know you and ensure you are comfortable together before the big day... But the bottom line is... it is an extra person.

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