The Birth of Emilia | A Precipitous Labor Story | Jersey Shore

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

When I was hired as Deevy's doula, I had a feeling she'd have a quicker labor. As we talked about her birth plans and laboring at home as long as possible, we joked about a quick labor, but we both meant like 4-6 hours.... None of us were prepared for her 2 hour precipitous labor! Shortly before her due date, Deevy decided she really wanted her birth story documented also, so she added photography to her package. I was so excited to photograph her birth story because I knew she'd be so surrounded by love and family. When Emilia's birthday came, it came. In a whirlwind birth, Emilia was born about 10 minutes before I arrived at the hospital. Deevy actually barely made it to the hospital and birthed her baby the moment she entered the L&D room. Despite the crazy fast labor, I documented a beautiful birth story. No - I didn't get to capture the moments at home or the wild car ride to the hospital. But I got to document this amazing family processing what the heck just happened. I got to capture moments of excitement and shock and rest and love. One question clients ask is "What if my babies are born too quickly for you to arrive in time?" And to that I tell them - I still tell your story. Your story is that you birthed your baby in record speed and no one made it in time. Your story is that you get to have a different, unique kind of birth story. Your story is that you will need some time to process how quickly things moved along. Your story is still beautiful, and there's no denying your strength!


Labor Doula and Birth Photographer Jaimie Zaki poses against a brick wall at Smithville Mansion in South Jersey not far from Mt Laurel NJ and Moorestown NJ. Jaimie is an IBCLC lactation consultant

Jaimie Zaki, owner of Little Bear Services, LLC is a Birth Photographer, Labor Doula, and IBCLC serving families in South Jersey and Central Jersey. Jaimie enthusiastically supports hospital births and home births in Burlington County, Camden County, Mercer County, Atlantic County, and Ocean County. If you reside outside of this service area, reach out! Jaimie may still be available to serve your family! Learn more about Jaimie and the services she offers now!