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Pregnant twin mother wears black bra and underwear against a white background, hands caressing pregnant belly with tattoo on side of pregnant belly maternity portraits in home session

I finally got behind the camera again and got to jump into a project I've been waiting on for a while! Intimate Maternity Photography. Most mamas are hesitant to book a session like this, understandably so, but today I'm going to inspire you.... Today I'm going to tell you why every pregnant woman needs a session like this. I first met Jamie at a doula meet up a few years ago. We loosely kept in touch through facebook, and when I found out she was pregnant with TWINS, I asked if she'd let me practice an idea I've had... I've been dying to photograph intimate maternity portraits. Not boudoir, per se. But not traditional flowing dress portraits either... something just more intimate. Real. Laid back. Fun. But something that captures and honors the beauty of growing life inside of you.

In home intimate maternity portraits in new Jersey maternity boudoir pregnant twin mom photography

It has been a long while since I've done Maternity photos. I don't get to do them nearly as often as I'd like, and I'm dying to do them more often (so if you love these, hit me up because I want to create beautiful photos like this for you too!). This session seriously gave me life and made me feel warm inside. Seeing Jamie go from "what do I do?" to looking like a supermodel was so rewarding. And it was fun. We were literally just hanging out and chatting and I'd be like "Oh woah you look gorgeous right there, let me take another picture!" This is how I love for my photo shoots to play out... Casual, genuine interactions. Very little posing. Just capturing your true beauty. And... well you can see for yourself... it WORKSSSSS.

Pregnant twin mom in home maternity portraits intimater maternity photographs south jersey Jersey shore photographer

Why should you book maternity portraits? I know I was hesitant to with my first two pregnancies... I don't have any professional maternity photos until my third pregnancy. Jamie shares this experience. This is the first time she has professional maternity photos and she has two older children already... But we would both agree that finally deciding to do maternity photos was the right choice. Pregnancy sucks. It's amazing. But it's hard. And a lot of times you may not feel like yourself. And many times you certainly don't feel beautiful. It can be easy to get down on yourself. Seeing yourself from another point of view, literally glowing, radiating light and life creating love is POWERFUL. Jamie opened up about how hard this pregnancy is and how much she truly appreciates these photos because they made her feel beautiful again. You deserve that too. PS... Can I just say how much I'm obsessed with photographing tattooed mamas? I absolutely love how tattoos add extra depth and uniqueness to photographs.

Are you also looking for a maternity photographer in New Jersey? Email me now at littlebearbirthservices@gmail.com to book your session!! Not in Jersey but in love with this session? I can travel! Depending on your location, I may still be available to help you feel beautiful during your intimate maternity photo session!


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