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I love my maternity and newborn clients. I love capturing families during such a special and exciting time in their lives. But all the business work has made me put the camera down when I'm at home. I've stopped photographing MY family. Photographs of your family are soooo very important. Displaying those photographs is even more important. And I haven't taken a single picture of my own family in months... Well last night, that changed! My boys were having the time of their lives with bath and bed time.. such simple joys. And I wanted to capture that chaos, infectious laughter, and love forever. So I ran to get my camera before the fun stopped. I'm in love. Technically speaking... the images can use some more practice (one more reason to keep photographing my kids! Chaos in low light is great practice for documenting birth stories!) But oohhhhhh when I look at these I can still hear the laughter and feel my heart swelling.

Camden playing peek a boo with Aiden from outside the tub!

Bedtime stories with Daddy! #BrownBearBrownBear

See... Family Photography doesn't have to be the picture perfect posed smiles for the camera... This is why I love Lifestyle Photography. It's a documentation of your life. It's a way to tell your story... and this time I told mine... If you're interested in Family Documentary Photography in South Jersey message me today! Your memories deserve to be preserved!

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