Mommy and Me | Samantha | Burlington County, New Jersey

Samantha is one of the first friends I made when we PCSd to McGuire Air Force Base in New Jersey. She and I immediately bonded over all things birth and babies. In fact, she was my Maternity and Birth Photographer, and was my awesome birth doula as well when Amelia was born! Sam even took some fabulous milk bath photos of my son and I to celebrate our breastfeeding experience back when he was a baby. She's taken so many amazing photographs for me and I just have been waiting for the perfect time to get some gorgeous shots for her! I still want to do a full family photography session for her, but we finally got to capture some sweet moments with two of her three boys when we got together for a play date/headshot swap. Her boys are so super silly and let's just say boys with lots of energy and little patience don't mix too well with photography... but we made it work. Check out these sweet photos of those adorable boys (and their mama!)!

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