Magical Maternity Portraits | Smithville Mansion | Eastampton NJ

Updated: Oct 18, 2018

I had this pretty lacey maternity gown... a gorgeous, delicate flower crown... but no bumps to take pictures of.

I put out a model call and that's when I connected with Jessica.

I was so excited to photograph her and hear her story! Baby Luca is her rainbow baby, so this was definitely an extra special experience for her. I was so happy to be able to document her growing family. We made a plan to meet up at Smithville Mansion in Eastampton, NJ, not far from her home at McGuire Air Force Base, and have fun taking pictures!

We were both a little nervous at the beginning of the session. I had done plenty of Maternity photo sessions before, but this one felt different.

Her husband was a bit reluctant to be included in photos, but as we all loosened up, I got him laughing and relaxing and we got some amazing shots. One of my biggest concerns was getting that beloved relaxed, genuine connection. I had just learned about prompting clients instead of posing them so I was giving it a go...

Look at the magic we made!

Maternity Photography Smithville Mansion Eastampton NJ
I made an awkward, risqué joke that isn't worth repeating and I couldn't believe came out of my mouth... but it worked. Doesn't their love make your heart explode and want a magical maternity session of your own?

Maternity Photographers near McGuire Air Force Base
This was definitely one of my favorite shots, but it was not easy to get.... I'm afraid of heights and I was on a stool on a platform lining over that railing you see in the corner. But ^^THAT^^ was worth it!

Maternity photography portrait Smithville Mansion
"Look down at your belly and think of a wish you have for your baby in his lifetime" The tears were about to start flowing... this picture exudes so much love, happiness, and emotion.