Maternity Portraits at theWichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge | Lawton, Oklahoma | Texas Photographer

Pregnant mother wears dark blue gown and looks down at her pregnant belly as her husband caresses her baby bump with the sunset casting a gold glow at the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Reserve in Lawton Oklahoma

A few years ago my husband was TDY at Sheppard Air Force Base and told me about a sigh seeing trip he and some friends went on to the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge where they went hiking and saw bison. I remember thinking how cool this was and how it sounded surreal. Being stuck behind on the East Coast, I couldn't quite envision what he described. Since moving to Wichita Falls, Texas, I have heard people talk about the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Reserve and even saw the mountains off in the distance as we drove through Oklahoma during our move. Thanks to Adrianna, a chiropractor from Lawton, Oklahoma, I was able to finally find a good reason to make the drive up to the Wichita Mountains and experience the breathtaking views from Mt. Scott! When Adrianna contacted me about booking a maternity session I was hopeful she'd be interested in this location. When I suggested it she was excited because this area is actually her and her husband's favorite place to spend time! I told her I'd take her lead on locations since she is an expert on the area.

Adrianna and Steven took me to the peak of Mt. Scott (which, by the way, I'm terrified of heights so the drive up had me praying Hail Marys out loud), and then I followed them to another location where we experienced the most stunning storm and sunset side by side. During this maternity photoshoot, I was reminded of God's wonder. His creation - this world, this life, the life forming in my client's womb -- it is all a reminder of his promises to our world. And even amidst these challenging times, I can't help but have my breath taken away. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to experience God's creation in such an intimate way as a Birth Photographer, Doula, and Lactation Consultant (and also as a mother myself). To be constantly reminded of His power, His wisdom, and His glory is such a blessing.