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Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Toddler crawls across bed as pregnant mother and father embrace in the background
Gus hams it up for the camera while his parents admire his silliness

Back in early 2019 I had been emailing with another doula about connecting and networking. Life got in the way and we never followed through on meeting up. But somewhere along the way Lydia and I got in touch with each other and started chatting about being backups for each other...

Since we couldn't align our schedules for a meet up we had a telephone interview and boy did we click! I think we might have talked on the phone for over an hour and had to force ourselves to hang up.

Lydia is former Active Duty #CoastGuard, and married to a Coast Guard pilot. She's a strong, inspiring #Catholic mother, and a wonderful doula and owner of Magnificat Birth Services LLC. Needless to say, we had a LOT in common and a lot to talk about.

She referred one of her friends to me for some #BreastfeedingSupportand after the consult, I got to stop by Lydia's and finally meet her in person. We chatted for a while and her husband came home from work, made me a magnificent cappuccino, and we all chatted and laughed. And then she asked if I'd be her #Doula and #BirthPhotographer.

UMM YES! What an honor!

Since then we've had the opportunity to develop a great personal and professional relationship and I'm so grateful that she has come into my life and has become such a sweet friend. My kids adore her son, and are very excited about her new baby coming soon.

I finally had the opportunity to spend some time with her family for her #MaternityLifestyle photo session and she rocked it. When I got there I could tell she wasn't in the mood for pictures but she insisted on doing it anyway, so of course I did what I could to have some fun.

Pregnant woman holds belly and gazes downward dreaming about her baby's birth.

New Jersey pregnant mother stands casually in front of her bedroom window with hands resting on top of pregnant belly as she looks down toward her baby

So between joking about some pelvic floor realities, prompting gone awkward, and some weird cat pictures (not included here... maybe another day ) we had some hard core laughs, and I captured some sweet moments that explode nothing but L O V E.

Pregnant mother plays with first child in a photo with her husband and in a reflection of a vintage mirror

When I look at these photos, I can't help but wish I had made sure to get sweet photos of my own family of three before becoming four because that transition is a wild one.... Anyone remember your first pregnancy? Spending months preparing, full of excitement, newness, wonder... Fast forward to the second pregnancy. Man. Things sure seem different. There are so many different feelings and not as many answers. Things we don't really talk about.

“Will I have enough love for two kids?” “Do I know how to juggle meeting the needs of two small humans?” “Will the toddler resent the new baby.. or me?” “I haven’t had a chance to enjoy this pregnancy” “I feel guilty I didn’t keep up with regular bump pics this time”

I remember all of these feelings from my second born son’s pregnancy. Miraculously, it all worked out 😬

But the fears and concerns are valid. I’m here to tell you it will be okay. You will find your heart exploding with more love than you knew you were capable of giving. You will figure out a routine for integrating another human into your family unit.

But for now. Take a deep breath. Cherish these moments with your first born. Soak in the snuggles and the laughs and even the tears. Know that it will all be okay and soon you will all be sharing those laughs and tears making memories with another little blessing. And I'm so excited I got to capture some of these moments with Lydia, JD, and Gus.