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Archbishop Broglio performs Confirmation Mass at Joint Base McGuire Dix Lakehurst in New Jersey

Clearly my photography specialty is Newborns and Maternity with a little Family Photography sprinkled in. I love telling the stories of families and documenting, rather, celebrating New Life. And clearly the above photograph has nothing to do with any of that... so what is going on over here at Little Bear?! When the Catholic Coordinator at my church asked if I would be willing to volunteer to photograph this year's confirmation Mass so that families had nice pictures but weren't all swarming the altar, I was a bit hesitant. I don't do event photography. I certainly have never contended with the atrocious church lighting.... and I knew I'd have to use flash and that was new to me as well... I'm no wedding photographer so I knew the photos certainly would not be as amazing as we could all think a wedding tog would have created with their experience and expertise... I wanted to say no. All that work... out of my comfort zone. HECK NO. But I started thinking... is it really that different? I'd be documenting a journey to new life still, right? I mean confirmation is a huge step in one's faith formation. I remember my confirmation preparation vividly. It was honestly the height of my faith formation, and when I've strayed from the church, thinking back on my confirmation experience usually brings me crawling back to Jesus... so this really IS something important that these families should have photos of! So I did it. I stepped out of my comfort zone, I learned A LOT, and even made some mistakes... but you know what? It was a worth it. The Archbishop of the Military performed the Mass, and it was really an amazing thing to get to be part of! So no... I haven't gotten to photograph any squishy newborns lately... but I did get to document a different kind of celebration of life.

Pictured above: A parishioner who has had a long journey in her faith formation and has been eagerly awaiting this day is finally Confirmed in the Catholic Church at St. Francis of Assisi in New Jersey. So the question stands... will I offer more event photography in the future? Right now, I'm still trying to stick to Motherhood photography. That's my passion. But who knows! I might throw in a few interesting sessions here and there to shake things up! If you're looking for a photographer in South Jersey, let me know! I'd love to work with you to capture memories, and create beautiful displays to ensure those memories last a lifetime!