Happy Birthday Piper! | New Jersey Hospital Birth | Vorhees

On December 18th, around 2:30 am I woke up to my husband telling me my phone was going off with my client ring tone and to wake up! Joanne was calling to tell me her water broke! It's baby day!

Based off Joanne's description of the labor progress, I made my way to her around 9am. She had just gotten her epidural and was finally able to rest. However, as the active labor contractions took over, there wasn't much relief to be found from the epidural. Wednesday was a saga of top offs after top offs and nurses working to figure out how they could get her the relief she'd hoped for. It was a long day of laboring to say the least.

Joanne is a Labor and Delivery nurse herself, so being on this side of the patient care paradigm was different. She laughed at how she used to tell her patients, "It's called labor for a reason!" Those of you who don't know, being a nurse in the patient role SUCKS. As Joanne would be analyzing her strips, I kept reminding her now was time to turn off nurse brain and go into mama brain, even though I know how impossible that is.