Fresh 48 - Gentry Walker | Virtua Memorial Hospital | Mt. Holly

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

Welcome, to the world #LittleBear

On October 6th, Miss Gentry Blaire Walker made her grand entrance to our world at 1:52 PM, weighing 8lb 6oz and measuring 21.5 inches.


Three years ago, Shelby and James met at a bar in Texas. James laughed that they met a few times before he actually got her number... but once they really connected, they knew this was "it". Shelby as followed James and his USMC career coast to coast. One of my favorite parts of a Fresh 48 with first time parents is hearing about their birth experience. Shelby was such a warrior. Though her water broke before contractions started, once her labor was augmented, things moved fast and furious. Just four hours after starting pitocin, Shelby was holding her sweet Rainbow Baby in her arms. James said the whole labor and birth experience was just so cool and he didn't realize how hard labor actually is. Watching his wife bring life into the world gave him "an all new respect for women". It's true that birth, whether you're the one doing it or witnessing it, is a life changing experience. I was so honored to be able to come visit with The Walker Family when Gentry was just 24 hours old and capture all those little details that are so special about this once in a lifetime experience (Even if you have many children, each birth and baby is so unique!). It's amazing how fast those squishy newborns morph and change. In even just one week, Gentry will probably look so different. So how special is it to have these photos to always remember the little details, the sweet snuggles, and the heart melting smiles!

Newborn Baby Head, Newborn Baby Foot, Newborn Arm, Hospital Birth
I love all the tiny details... from the swirls of that soft baby hair, to the creases in those little wrinkly baby feet... these little details are too sweet to be forgotten

This little girl was out like a light! She slept so well I even had to close her mouth because she was catching flies!

Parents snuggle their newborn daughter who is swaddled in a pink blanket during their Fresh 48 photo session at Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mount Holly New Jersey
These photos don't even need a caption. Seriously.

Mother smiles with pure joy as she experiences her first successful and comfortable at breast feed in the football hold nursing position during her Fresh 48 Photos session at Virtua Memorial Hospital in Mt Holly New Jersey
Honestly this is one of my favorite photos from their session... as a Breastfeeding Specialist, I inevitably end up tossing a few nuggets of advice to new moms during a Fresh 48, but when Shelby told me that was the first good latch they had gotten and the best feed Gentry had had yet, I felt so warm inside. Watching a mother learn to feed her baby confidently is one of the most rewarding experiences.

I always like to throw a few artsy fartsy shots into the gallery too... I'm not sure what it is about these black and white spotlight edits that just move my soul, but I love creating these.


Let's have a real chat though about the importance of these photos. They're beautiful. But they're so much more than that. They are the photos Shelby will smile back on when she's having a particularly tough day mothering. They are memories James will cling to if he is called up to deploy and leave his family behind. They are photos that Gentry will get to look at one day when she welcomes her own babies into this world. These photos last forever. They tell the beginning of her story. The beginning of her life. Fresh 48 photos are a great alternative to those who opt out of birth photography. I'd absolutely love to help you welcome your little bundle with Newborn Lifestyle Photos. Whether you schedule a "Fresh 48" session like Shelby, or you choose a "Welcome Home Baby" session, Little Bear is excited to tell your story!


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Newborn Photographer Jaimie Zaki smiles for photo against a brick wall near Mt. Holly where newborn baby's fresh 48 photo session was at Virtua Memorial Hospital

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