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I'm sitting here 10 months pregnant, irritated, tired and quite frankly cranky, but thoroughly enjoying the beautiful curtains we FINALLY hung in our living room (literally took 18 months). My bears realized they could now hide behind the curtains, play peekaboo, spy on the neighborhood, etc. I just couldn't resist snapping a few shots of my bears having so much fun. Having some fun capturing silly moments with these boys is perhaps the best way to distract myself from trying to mentally will labor to start. These might be some of my favorite photos I've taken in a while! It was such a great reminder to always capture photos of my family especially unprompted and unposed.

Have you thought about making sure your family has the most precious moments captured forever? Documenting your family's fun, joy, sass, curiosity, and even sometimes those little meltdowns is such a fun way to spend some time together. Can you imagine breaking out your Custom Family Photo Album in 25 years at your toddler's wedding and reminiscing on those cute dimples, joyful eyes, and sassy scowls? Book your family lifestyle session with Little Bear Photography today!