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Updated: May 30, 2019

Breastfeeding is commonly called the natural follow up to pregnancy. Sometimes, though, breastfeeding feels less than natural. Most mothers navigate many bumps and curves in their breastfeeding journeys. It's not always easy, so when we overcome these challenges and reach the point of enjoying breastfeeding, why wouldn't we want to celebrate? That's exactly what Jessica wanted to do! Celebrate and commemorate her breastfeeding experience. I had the honor of capturing maternity photos for Jessica. Shortly after Luca was born she called me up to help her navigate those early breastfeeding struggles. Recently she reached out and said she was ready to celebrate overcoming those struggles and would love to have photos of this special part of her life. Of course I was thrilled to be able to continue walking alongside this family's path, and help her tell her story.

Motherhood Photography Breastfeeding Mommy and Me
And then we get a little bit of this... #distractednursing ... I mean would you want someone in your face with a camera while you're eating? That would certainly be distracting!

And this Little Bear finally got his milkies and went to sleep.

Family Photography Breastfeeding Lifestyle
And we can't forget to thank Dad for all of his loving support...

I just love how these photographs really show what this stage of breastfeeding is like... it's never straightforward! Little Bears like to play and easily get distracted, then they like to fall asleep using Mama Bear as a pillow. And that is all perfectly normal! Exactly what they were designed to do. And I love that we included some photos with Dad. The support of a spouse is so important during those ups and downs of breastfeeding, let alone parenting! I've seen Jessica's husband be nothing but supportive, and she has expressed to me how important that support was for her. I see this all the time and have lived it myself, so we thought it was only super appropriate to make sure he was part of the story we captured today.


If you would like to celebrate your breastfeeding experience, whether your little on is a newborn, older baby, or toddler, I'd love to help tell your story. Are you an exclusive pumper? That's a beautiful and amazing story to tell as well! Are you struggling with breastfeeding and looking for some support and guidance? I can help with that too!


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