5 Ways Motherhood Photography Empowers Women

Maternity Portrait of pregnant woman agains white background, intimate maternity portrait by motherhood photographer jaimie zaki

As mothers, we're constantly comparing ourselves and our children to other moms, children, and even our children to each other and ourselves to our mothers. Many of us try to avoid criticizing ourselves through comparison, but when we are inundated with Instagram perfection, media headlines that spark judgement of other moms and judgment of our own shortcomings, and intense societal pressure to have, do, and be EVERYTHING, it's easy to stop enjoying motherhood. Let's be honest. Motherhood is hard enough as it is. It's beautiful, but hard. And the constant outside pressure to look and be perfect doesn't help. As a doula and photographer, my mission is to support women through the transition into motherhood. It is my deepest desire to help women realize that while they are absolutely imperfect, they are perfectly imperfect. Let's talk about the 5 ways Motherhood Photography helps women feel better about the rollercoaster journey of mom life.

1. Pregnancy

pregnancy photo of woman pregnant with twins maternity portraits by mother hood photographer jaimie zaki

During pregnancy, there are so many changes that happen to the body. From feeling physically ill, to experiencing a changing body shape, pregnancy is physically difficult. Throw in hormones, overwhelming amounts of conflicting information, nerve-inducing birth horror stories shared by strangers, and the 3894392573984 things that need to be prepared for your baby, and pregnancy is also MENTALLY and emotionally difficult. When I went to Jamie's house to capture her Intimate Maternity Portrait session, she wasn't feeling up to the session. She had shared that she hadn't been feeling like herself lately. We hung out for a bit, I took pictures, and we laughed and chatted about everything under the sun. Later that night I sent her a sneak peek of her gallery and she replied with a text that nearly made me cry. Jamie expressed to me that she really had been feeling down on herself and our session made her feel beautiful again. While looking in the mirror didn't make her feel beautiful, the photos from her session allowed her to see how amazing her body is, nourishing and growing two babies... Instead of being frustrated with her body, Jamie began to realize that while this pregnancy has been exceptionally difficult in a variety of ways, there is still an underlying beauty that we can not allow ourselves to ignore.

2. Birth Photography