Maternity Portrait Model Call

Your pregnancy is special...

Carrying life inside of you is nothing short of miraculous. Pregnancy is one of the most amazing experiences we women will ever have. 

But it doesn’t always FEEL amazing. 

Celebrate your amazing body...

That’s why you deserve a chance to celebrate what your body is doing and feel absolutely beautiful! 


Hi, I'm Jaimie! 

And I offer Professional Motherhood Photography

for Mama Bears just like you!

I know how it feels to be pregnant, and yearn for that "pregnancy glow" everyone talks about... but instead that "glow" looks like some sweat, a messy bun, and annoying aches and pains. 

You've probably thought about maternity portraits but thought "they're just not for me". 

Let me tell you a quick story... 

With my third pregnancy my best photographer friend insisted I let her take maternity photographs of me. I was resistant. It sounded like too much work to get all prettied up, don one of those beautiful maternity gowns, and end up looking awkward and uncomfortable, since that's how I felt.... 

But I obliged her. 

And let me tell you... I. Was. Wrong. WRONG, sister. WRONG. 

I felt the most beautiful I had in MONTHS when I saw those photographs. I was in awe of God's design of my body, my ability to sustain life within my womb, and frankly, how dang beautiful I really did look (even though I didn't feel it!).

I want the same for you. These days are hard enough. Treat yourself to a chance to feel special and beautiful. 

Here's what you get...

  • 30 Minute Maternity Session 

  • Access to client closet or styling support 

  • Online Viewing Gallery of all images 

  • 2 Digital Downloads for social media 

  • Opportunity to purchase packages at a 10% discounted rate 

  • Enrollment in Referral Program (usually reserved for full paying clients) 

Overall Value: $165

Yours? Free**

More Details

- By agreeing to the model session you are agreeing to permitting Jaimie Zaki as a representative of Little Bear Services, LLC to use your images for multiple purposes including but not limited to marketing materials in print and web formats. If you rescind this permission after your session, you will owe the full session fee of $75 

- **To secure your Free session, a $25 refundable deposit is required. This is to prevent no-show clients. After your session you will have the option to have your deposit electronically returned to you or utilize it as a credit toward package upgrades. 

First, click "Apply Now" 

Next, fill out the application! If you're selected 

you will be notified via text and/or email. 

Third, sign your contract, pay your 

refundable deposit, schedule your consult! 

Finally, relax and enjoy your pregnancy!