Every moment matters.

Freezing your special moments forever is worth it.... 

Capturing the most priceless moments in life is important to most of us. If you're like me, you realize that welcoming your baby is just as important, if not MORE significant, than your wedding day... So why would you not want every moment of this journey captured in detail? Sure.... it's not always "pretty", but every story is beautiful

When you work with Jaimie Zaki, you can rest assured that the story of your family welcoming your Little Bear will be frozen in time for decades to come. 

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The Experience 

Let's be real... pregnancy...new motherhood... the whole thing is totally romanticized and the truth is we Mama Bears rarely feel that "glow" everyone talks about. Instead, we can often feel quite the opposite of beautiful. And that can make us hesitate when booking a photographer. 

But this is exactly why you need a photographer on this journey... but not just any photographer... one who understands what you're experiencing. 

See.... motherhood isn't always pretty, but it is always beautiful. There are moments of pain, stress, worry, fear, power, strength, love, devotion... And they are all part of your story. When you see yourself through the eyes of another, you might be surprised to realize just how strong and beautiful your story is. 

Booking your Session 

Booking is easy! Fill out the contact form with as much info as possible, and we will set up a time for me to call you and get to know each other. I'll find out exactly what you're looking for, and if we're a good fit, we will pick a date! Then I'll send over your contract and invoice via email so we can reserve your session date. 

I know, most of us aren't phone call people these days... I'm really not either, to be honest... but one of the things I value in business is making my clients feel like close friends, or even family. If you would prefer and video call or in person meeting, we can do that as well... I just want to make sure I know you and you know me before we embark on this special journey together. 


Planning Your Session 

We will be in close contact planning your session... from outfit choices to posing ideas, we will have a thorough conversation about it all. We will talk about what kind of products and images you're hoping to create with me, we will chat about coordinated outfits for everyone, and so much more. 
Limited Client Closet Available. 
Discounts Available if you help me add to my client closet (we can chat more about that later!) 

During your Session 

Being in front of the camera can feel awkward and most people are nervous... and that can show up in the photos. If your session is in the studio, I'll have some light refreshments available to make sure you're comfortable, and we will take time to chat and ease into the photos. I will prompt you throughout the session and may gently pose you, but my goal is to go for a natural, connected feel, so we will get you laughing, get you being your best you. 

After your Session

After your session I will cull and edit your photos so that the gallery you get to see is the best of the best of the best. Upon receiving your gallery, you will be able to select your favorite images and purchase the package that is right for you!