As a mother, community breastfeeding support volunteer, and Lactation Consultant, it is important to me to celebrate a mother's breastfeeding experience. Many families overcome many challenges to reach their breastfeeding goals. Some families experience breastfeeding in a way they never planned or envisioned, but they're finding a way to make it work for them. The many different breastfeeding journeys are important to celebrate. Let's document your journey! Whether your little one is brand new, you've overcome a daunting challenge, or your journey is coming to an end, you deserve to have your story told! 

**If you're looking for breastfeeding education or support please visit Little Bear Lactation for resources!

A lot of people are curious about Breastfeeding Photography...

Many mothers are jumping on board with breastfeeding photography to document their challenges and triumphs with breastfeeding. It is an important time in the relationship of a mother and child, and celebrating your nursing relationship, no matter how unique it is, is so important! 

 Little Bear offers in-home and on-location breastfeeding documentary photography sessions. You can choose a casual home setting, intimate milk bath (in your own bathroom) session, or an adventurous public setting (yay public breastfeeding advocates!). Sometimes breastfeeding sessions end up being more "Mommy and Me" when little ones don't want to cooperate. But the great thing is that acrobatic and distracted breastfeeders are normal and part of your story!! I can promise that even with an uncooperative little one you will receive photos that beautifully showcase your unique child and unique story. 

Psssttttt.... If you're a pumper, use an SNS, adoptive nurser, tandem nurser, we'd love to tell your story too! 

Breastfeedn mother with tattoos wears a white dress and snugges her newborn baby boy as she breastfeeds him in a cross cradle position while sitting in a Pennsylvania Battlefield

Studio Session Fee: $75 

On Location Session Fee: $95 

Print & Digital packages sold separately

A mother sits comfortably cross legged on hr bed as her nine month old son breastfeeds sitting in her lap
Infant girl looks up at the camera while happily latched to nursing mother's breast