Wichita Falls Birth Photography


"One of the main reasons I was able to have the birth I wanted was because of Jaimie. She made me feel like a warrior.
I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a natural birth, anyone looking for extra support and anyone looking for photography. My birth photography photos are amazing and I feel like I would of absolutely regretted not having them. Things happen so quickly, they are amazing moments you will want to save forever. "

- Trisha, 2019 Birth Client

Capturing your baby's birth story is important to you, that's why you're here. Your birth experience matters. Birth is worth celebrating. And you deserve a photographer who can respect the sanctity of your birth space. 

When you hire Little Bear, you're hiring someone who has either done or seen it "all". I can empathize with a birth that doesn't go according to plan and I will celebrate a birth that helped you reclaim your power. 

I'll champion you even when you don't feel strong. 

I'll remind you to trust the process when you want to give up. 

I'll capture the look of awe and shock on your face when you see your baby for the first time. 

I'll immortalize the tears your husband swore he wouldn't cry. 

I won't just be another person crowding your space, I'm determined to be a supportive member of your team, helping to improve your birth experience any way I can.

Are you ready to feel strong, powerful, beautiful, respected, and supported? Then what are you waiting for? 

I want to know you. I want to know your family. 

I want to understand your story. 

You know why I think birth photography is important, but I want to know why birth photography is important to you. Let me treat you to coffee and get to know you!  

On Call Birth Story Packages start at $1500


Mini Maternity Session 

On Call 38 weeks - Birth 

Documentary Photography of Labor, Birth, and immediate Postpartum 

Full Gallery Download 

Videography Add On Available 

Doula Add On Available 

Off Call Packages available starting at $600

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What other Mama Bears say.....

"Jaimie was a game-changer for my birth! She was both my doula and birth photographer and enhanced my whole birth experience so beautifully. She is a fierce advocate of knowledge and support as a doula and a gifted spontaneous photographer. As an experienced birth doula myself, I can say confidently that she is one of the best. Thank you Jaimie for your unconditional support, patience, and love."  


 - Lydia, 2019 Birth Client


Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a birth photographer instead of having my doula, spouse, sister, or friend take photos?

You know how important the photos of your birth are. That's why you're here. But a lot of people do tend to wonder... why not just have so-and-so take photos? Those new iphone cameras ARE pretty bomb afterall....

Birth can introduce a host of unexpected circumstances and unique challenges and for the most cohesive, complete, beautiful birth story, a professional birth photographer will be a great investment. A professional birth photographer can anticipate what will come next, notices the small details, and captures not only the "wow" moments but the emotion in an expert manner. A specialized birth photographer has special equipment to acocomodate the various lighting situation, has an understand of birth and knows how to seamlessly integrate themselves to the setting to work professionally with providers, family, etc.

But more importantly... if your friend or spouse is the one taking photos, then who is capturing the moments when they are lovingly supporting you? Don't you want your best friend included in that story?

Why is birth photography so expensive? Do you offer discounts?

Birth photography can come with a price tag that shocks a lot of people. After all, when you're preparing for a baby you have a lot of expenses.... budgeting for a photographer may fall to the wayside. But think of it this way... Most people spend between $2,000 - $4,000 on their wedding photographer. Their wedding photographer stays for 8-10 hours, knows the exact day of the event, and can prepare accordingly.

As your birth photographer, I am on call for a 4 week window and ready to show up on a moment's notice to capture your birth story. I could be by your side for as little as 2 hours or as many as 24. In order to create sharp, well lit, beautiful images I am required to obtain and maintain top quality photo gear and editing softwares. I limit my birth clients to 2 per month in order to give you a top notch experience and my full attention.

This is a once in a lifetime experience. Your memories are invaluable. How beautiful will it be to break out your Birth album each year on your baby's birthday and remember the very moment you saw him/her for the first time?

Do you cover hospital births or home births?

I will document your birth no matter what it looks like. Cesarean, hospital unmedicated, hosptial medicated, home birth, etc., I am thrilled to have the honor to tell your story. It is so important that if you have a hospital birth planned, you discuss your wishes for a photographer with your provider to ensure everyone is on the same page. If I am prohibited from the birthing room or OR, I will tell your story to the best of my ability from the vantage point I am permitted.

How does booking work?

First, let's schedule a time to meet up and chat. I want to get to know you and your family. I want to hear your story. I want to know why birth photography matters to you. If you decide we are a great fit, then you will receive an online contract for e-signature and you will receive an online invoice requesting a 50% nonrefundable retainer to reserve your due date on my calendar. The remainder of your fee is due by 36 weeks unless another arrangement is discussed.

How do I know when to call you?

Ideally we will be in close communication throughout the last month of your pregnancy. During our consultation meeting we will go over how and when to contact me to notify me of your labor progress.

I love birth photography but am a private/modest person. How can we make this work for me?

Birth is so personal! I know so many people who happily share (or allow me to share) their birth photos because they want to show the world how beautiful birth can be. There are many people however, who opt not to share their photos or limit which photos can be shared. I will never share your images without your written and verbal permission. There is no pressure on you to allow me to post your images. I won't lie, I love it when a family allows me to share their vulnerable moments, but I respect whent they choose to keep them private as well. After all, this is YOUR story, not mine.

How do you doula and take photos at the same time? Should I hire a separate doula?

This is personal preference. If you want every single moment captured, hire a separate doula. If you want to keep your team intimate and develop a deep relaitonship, add on doula services!

During your birth, there will be a lot of time that a birth partner will be supporting you, or you may not want to be touched. These are all moments I can step back and document. I have become quite the multitasker, but will always put support before photos, so if you NEED me, the camera will stop clicking and I will be doulaing you, unless you communicate to me that you'd prefer me to focus on photos.

Doula clients receive a prenatal preparation meeting, labor support, and a postpartum support visit. Contact me today about my various doula packages and how to add that on to your birth photo package!