Wichita Falls Birth Photography


"One of the main reasons I was able to have the birth I wanted was because of Jaimie. She made me feel like a warrior.
I would highly recommend her to anyone considering a natural birth, anyone looking for extra support and anyone looking for photography. My birth photography photos are amazing and I feel like I would of absolutely regretted not having them. Things happen so quickly, they are amazing moments you will want to save forever. "

- Trisha, 2019 Birth Client

Capturing your baby's birth story is important to you, that's why you're here. Your birth experience matters. Birth is worth celebrating. And you deserve a photographer who can respect the sanctity of your birth space. 

When you hire Little Bear, you're hiring someone who has either done or seen it "all". I can empathize with a birth that doesn't go according to plan and I will celebrate a birth that helped you reclaim your power. 

I'll champion you even when you don't feel strong. 

I'll remind you to trust the process when you want to give up. 

I'll capture the look of awe and shock on your face when you see your baby for the first time. 

I'll immortalize the tears your husband swore he wouldn't cry. 

I won't just be another person crowding your space, I'm determined to be a supportive member of your team, helping to improve your birth experience any way I can.

Are you ready to feel strong, powerful, beautiful, respected, and supported? Then what are you waiting for? 

I want to know you. I want to know your family. 

I want to understand your story. 

You know why I think birth photography is important, but I want to know why birth photography is important to you. Let me treat you to coffee and get to know you!  

On Call Birth Story Packages start at $1500


Mini Maternity Session 

On Call 38 weeks - Birth 

Documentary Photography of Labor, Birth, and immediate Postpartum 

Full Gallery Download 

Videography Add On Available 

Doula Add On Available 

Off Call Packages available starting at $600

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What other Mama Bears say.....

"Jaimie was a game-changer for my birth! She was both my doula and birth photographer and enhanced my whole birth experience so beautifully. She is a fierce advocate of knowledge and support as a doula and a gifted spontaneous photographer. As an experienced birth doula myself, I can say confidently that she is one of the best. Thank you Jaimie for your unconditional support, patience, and love."  


 - Lydia, 2019 Birth Client