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Every moment worth remembering

Motherhood Photography in Wichita Falls, Texas

Maternity | Birth | Newborn | Beyond

Natural Water Birth Photography by wichita falls photographer

and Doula Support for Home and Hospital Birth

Not only will Jaimie capture your Birth Story in a way that showcases your strength, love, and the true miracle of birth, but she will also be there to guide you every step of the way from pregnancy through postpartum. 


Announce your pregnancy or celebrate your amazing body by booking a maternity session either in studio or on location! 

From elegant maternity portraits to raw and intimate pregnancy photos, Jaimie is eager to capture that "pregnancy glow" that can feel evasive. 

Pamper yourself with a chance to feel absolutely beautiful while you celebrate your pregnancy and bond with your growing baby! 

Maternity Photography by Wichita Falls Photographer
newborn lifestyle photography by wichita falls texas photographer

Fresh 48, Welcome Home Baby, or Studio Lifestyle 

Celebrate your baby's arrival with a newborn photography session that will make you melt every time you look back on it. 

From capturing those soft whisps of hair to those tiny, wrinkly toes, make sure the memories of your newborn are frozen forever. Newborns change so much in the first few weeks, and by the time you're out of the new-baby-fog you might not realize how much they've changed. 

Capture the snuggles, capture the bonding, capture the newness. That way in 3 years when your threenager is driving you crazy, you can crack open that photo album and remember it's all worth it... 



"Birth photography has always been beautiful to me and now I have my own collection of amazing images that tell the story of Pipers delivery ... I have so many thoughts and feelings towards my delivery but these images just put me at a loss for words! I can’t thank you enough, Jaimie"

Wichita Falls Birth and Newborn Photographer, Doula, Lactation Consultant
Meet Jaimie Zaki

Hi! I'm Jaimie! I'm a Photographer, Doula, and Lactation Consultant excited to begin serving Wichita Falls, TX families who dream of an empowered birth experience, who want to welcome their babies with confidence, and who value capturing every precious moment along the way. 

You want to remember this transformative experience forever, and I want to make sure your story is told beautifully. 

Check out some of these beautiful stories! 

Frequently Asked Questions about Maternity, Birth, Newborn Photography

Why should I hire a birth photographer? 

Most people want their birth photographed to some degree, though everyone has a different comfort level with how "detailed" the images are. Many people are hesitant to hire a birth photographer because birth is such a personal experience. But this is exactly why I highly recommend hiring a professional birth photographer who specializes in documenting birth. Your husband, mom, or friend is amazing support, but let's be real, they're caught up in the emotion of the moment too. They may not be thinking to snap photos, and if they are, then they're not included in the photos. Worse yet? They might take some of the most unflattering photos that don't feel safe to share... on the contrary, a professional birth photographer is familiar with birth, can anticipate "what's coming next" and be totally prepared to get "THE shot" and include everyone's emotions! None of the key players will be left out of your story. 

Furthermore, having photos of your birth can help you process the experience (whether it was good or bad) and help you see beauty in moments that you may not have felt were so beautiful. Check out my blog for more reasons on why you should hire a birth photographer! 

What settings do you photograph births? 

I will photograph your home birth, birth center birth or hospital birth as long as I am permitted by the facility. Please discuss having a photographer present with your provider. I am happy to photograph cesarean births as well! Every birth story is beautiful. However, not all hospitals or providers allow a photographer in the Operating Room. If you are interested in scheduled cesarean birth photography, please contact me so we can discuss the various options. 

Birth is unpredictable... how will this work? 

I will go on call for your birth at 38 weeks until your baby is born (although I'm likely on a "soft call" sooner, unless I tell you otherwise). We will stay in close communication during the end of your pregnancy. I expect that you will text me when you think you're experiencing early labor signs and we will stay in close contact. When you are in active labor, you or your partner will call me to let me know you're ready for me to meet you at your birth location. I will arrive to your location within 2 hours of the notification. 

What is off-call birth photography? 

Occasionally a client will be interested in an off-call photography package. This is great for someone who wants birth photography but is on a budget. Basically I will be on a "soft-call" around your due date, however I do not completely block everything off. Essentially, when you're in labor and let me know, I will come if I'm available. If I'm unavailable, we will schedule bonding photos ASAP, or you will get credited for a newborn session of your choice. 

Last minute birth photography...

Sometimes people decide at the very last minute they want a birth photographer. If this is you, give me a call or shoot me a text ASAP! If I'm available, I will quickly send you electronic consent forms and contracts, with your invoice. Your invoice will be due within 48 hours and your images will be processed and delivered after your balance is paid. 

Will you share my photos online?

I will never share any of your images without your approval and consent. Many parents are nervous about birth photography being "too revealing", but the truth is it is only as revealing as you want it to be. I've had many clients tell me they don't want me to share any images before their birth, and after give me permission to share the full gallery because they didn't realize how tasteful birth photography could be! 


How do you balance birth photography with scheduled maternity or newborn sessions. 

I only accept a maximum of 2 birth clients per a month. My birth clients will always take priority over scheduled sessions. This is well communicated with my maternity and newborn clients as well. I will always be in close contact with my scheduled clients to let them know if we need to reschedule with as much advanced notice as possible. If a client calls during an already started session, I will complete the session before heading to the birth, which will likely work out just fine with the contracted 2 hour response window for birth clients. 

Why should I hire a Maternity Photographer? 

Pregnancy can be a time when you may not feel like yourself. You may be hesitant to book pregnancy photos because you don't feel beautiful. However, this is the very reason you need to schedule maternity portraits. Pregnancy photography is a way to celebrate your growing baby and your amazing body. While you may not FEEL beautiful, beauty is more than skin deep and pregnancy photography can capture the love in your heart that makes your pregnancy absolutely beautiful. We will elicit that infamous pregnancy glow and you will have fun time appreciating your femininity. 


Do you provide outfits for Maternity Portraits? 

I am in the process of curating a small client closet. So yes! I will have outfits available for your Maternity Portraits if you choose, however I can also help you curate an outfit procured on your own. I also offer discounts on your session if you purchase a dress from my client closet wishlist that I can add to the client closet after your session. 

What areas do you offer photography in?

Studio photography is offered in Wichita Falls, Texas.

I offer Birth Photography in Birth Centers, Home, and hospital within a 1 hour drive of Wichita Falls, Texas. I may be willing to travel further on a case by case basis. 

I will travel up to 2 hours from Wichita Falls for Maternity and Newborn Photography. Please contact me to inquire. 

(Lawton, Oklahoma, North Texas: Wichita Falls, Iowa Park, Henrietta, Decatur, Fort Worth) 

What kind of maternity photos do you offer? 

On Location Maternity Photos - can be cozy in your home or at a public location of your choice, prop furniture may or may not be provided for outdoor sessions. Please discuss this during your consult. 

Studio Maternity - Maternity portraits in studio can be glamorous, intimate, or a combination! 

Milk Bath Maternity- Milk Bath Maternity portraits are available on a limited basis. Currently, the session will have to take place at the client's home or other location procured by the client. Flowers and Milk will be provided by the photographer. Client Closet has outfit options.  

Pregnancy Announcement - Planning a cute or surprise pregnancy announcement? We can do a couple/family session to document your pregnancy announcement or you can take advantage of my Pregnancy Announcement Mini Marathons! 

Tell me more about newborn photography!

Newborn photography is so important to me as I love capturing the connection of new families. Those early days can be a blur so it's important to have them documented. 


Fresh 48 Newborn - Scheduled within 48 hours of birth, often in the hospital before discharge (please verify COVID protocols with your facility before booking) 


Welcome Home Baby - On Call documentary photography/videography of your family meeting and welcoming your new baby. 


On-location Newborn Lifestyle - Lifestyle Newborn Photography in the family's home usually within first 21 days of life 


Studio Newborn Photography - **This is not traditional posed newborn photography** 

Studio Newborn Sessions include family, bonding, and lifestyle imagery. This does include some wrapped photos and gentle poses of your baby, however this does not include heavily posed images with special sets, multiple outfit changes, etc. 


Do you offer other photography like family photos, cake smash, milestone, or mini sessions? 


MINI SESSIONS -  I do offer themed Mini Session Marathons at various points throughout the year. I will typically host a Pregnancy Announcement Minis Marathon in the Spring and Fall, Mommy & Me Mini Marathon around Mother's Day, a World Breastfeeding Week event in July/August, and Christmas Minis in November, so you can have amazing photos for your Christmas Cards! 

**Make sure to get on my waitlist to be the first to know about Mini Sessions!**

Family Photography - I take a limited amount of On-Location Family Photo sessions and they fill up fast so be sure to book early! 

Cake Smash - Cake Smashes are limited availability. I will open my calendar for cake smash sessions 3 months in advance and offer them to former clients first. If you are a new client and would like to schedule a cake smash, please contact me early and ASAP to get on the waitlist so I can let you know when sessions are available. 

Milestone Sessions - Some people love to have sitter session, first steps, etc. These are usually shorter sessions and are available on a limited basis so please contact me to discuss what you're envisioning! 

Breastfeeding Photography - I absolutely adore breastfeeding photography. Whether you are using an SNS, combo feeding, exclusively pumping or exclusively breastfeeding, your breastfeeding journey is meaningful. I am happy to book a breastfeeding commemoration session at any point in your breastfeeding journey. Many mothers like to book one for their child's first birthday, or before weaning (whether that's at three months or three years!) These sessions are available in studio or on location (limited). Access to client closet. 

Mommy & Me - Mommy & Me sessions are available in studio on a limited basis throughout the year. Access to client closet.